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SWE Santa Clara Valley Executive Council

Fiscal Year 2019-2020

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Puja Gill

Puja Gill is a Bay Area native and SJSU alumni. She has a B.S and M.S in chemical engineering and works with Jone Lang LaSalle as a manager in reliability engineering. She has been actively involved in SWE since her college days and has held various leadership positions within SWE for last 8 years. She enjoys learning about new topics, networking, and making a positive impact through outreach. Please reach out to her directly at swescv.president@gmail.com.

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Vice President of Member Services

Annaliese Parker

Major: Electrical Engineering

Currently Working in: Business Management

Annaliese has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and works as a Business Manager for Maxim Integrated. She was raised in the bay area but went to school at the University of Utah where she found her passion for SWE. Annaliese helped her section increase their budget and formalize their fundraising process to help financially stabilize her section. The following year she was elected President and focused her efforts on recruiting and branding for the next generation of SWEsters

Please reach out to her directly at swescv.memberservices@gmail.com

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Vice President of Career Development

Allison Wright

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Currently Working in: Nondestructive Inspection

Allison is a Nondestructive Inspection Engineer in the Composite Aircraft Manufacturing industry. Allison has been a member of SWE since she was a student at Iowa State University where she received her degree in Aerospace Engineering. She has held several section leadership positions in the Wichita Area Professional Section and Region i. Allison received the SWE Distinguished New Engineer Award in 2016.  She lives in the East Bay with her husband, Alex, an Electrical Engineer, their three-year-old son, and two cats.

Please reach out to her directly at swescv.careerdevelopment@gmail.com 

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Vice President of Community Outreach

Michelle Suen

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Currently Working in: Aerospace

Michelle is an aerospace engineer working towards the revival of supersonic travel. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan and her graduate degree at Stanford. After joining the workforce, she has become increasingly determined in bringing in more women into STEM.

Please reach out to her directly at swescv.outreach@gmail.com 

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Dr. Ceal Craig

Ceal worked in high tech for 35 plus years in senior management roles (Program Management & Manufacturing), beginning with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University, and then a MSE in ME from CalState Fullerton. Later in life, she earned a PhD in Education from Walden University studying the influence of FIRST robotics on young women's career decisions. She was active in SWE from college until the late 1990s, taking a break, and then reengaging almost 10 years ago. A SWE Fellow (2017), she has held section roles (LA/Orange County, Texas, and Santa Clara Valley), Region roles, and national committee chair positions. She is active in several not-for-profit organizations as an officer and BOD member. Married 47 years to a fellow Buckeye engineer, they have five cats and 27-year old bird.   Please reach out to her directly at swescv.treasurer@gmail.com

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Sarah Sullivan

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Currently Working in: HVAC 

Info coming soon

Please reach out to her directly at swescv.secretary@gmail.com

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