FY21 Santa Clara Valley Elections Complete


The FY21 elections are complete and the Teller's Report is in! Thanks for voting!


The new officers will take their positions on July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

The officers for FY21 are:

  • President: Allison Wright

  • Vice President: Membership Services: Katherine (Katie) Talda

  • Vice President: Career Development: Sarah Sullivan

  • Vice President:  Community Outreach: Lucia (Lucy) Kaye

  • Treasurer: Ceal Craig, PhD

  • Secretary: Lydia Aman

Join us in welcoming them to their FY21 positions and thanks for voting!




SWE-Santa Clara Valley Section 

2020-2021 Teller's Committee

Cassi Janakos & Lesley Telford

Questions? write to the Nominations Committee

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