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Mentoring program for members and college students
  • Mentors can help you grow your career! Find one through SWE-SCV
  • Mentees need help from mentors with experience in management or the technical ladder.

The Society of Women Engineers Santa Clara Valley Section (SWE-SCV) has a Formal Mentoring Program to build empowering relationships between experienced members and members starting out, maybe looking to move to another position or level, and for scholarship applicants or recipients to help them be successful in college. We need mentees and mentors!


The mentoring program goals are:

1. Help members and scholarship applicants or recipients to find a compatible mentor

2. Provide opportunities for members to mentor other professionals, scholarship applicants or both

3. Provide guidance to help members create effective, long-lasting mentoring relationships

The time commitment is flexible, depending on the relationships that mentors and mentees develop together. If you are interested in signing up, check out the link here:

Mentor or Mentee SignUp FORM

Please also email us if you have any questions.

Note: This program is intended for people who reside in the California regions of South Bay, Lower Peninsula, Santa Cruz (Gilroy to South San Francisco)