Joining SWE is a great way to meet other like-minded women engineers to bolster your professional and social network. We understand how difficult it is to meet other women in the workplace and would like to provide a warm environment for networking, developing professional and soft skills, and cultivating friendships that last for years.

Keep reading below to get an understanding of the benefits of joining Santa Clara Valley SWE and what to expect from our section and events.

Wide variety of events

We have events tailored towards different aspect of your life.

  • Career – speaker events about managing your manager, working with coworkers of different personality types, how to interview
  • Personal – yoga in the park, speaker events on financial planning and buying a home, running in a 5k together
  • Fun – happy hours, barbecues, picnics with the collegiate sections


In addition to our annual National SWE conference every October, we also have a Region conference held in the January/February time frame. These conferences are discounted for SWE members and are filled with workshops, social gatherings, as well as local attractions. For example, our 2012 Region Conference was in Hawaii!

Community Outreach

Not only do we have events for our members, but we also have huge events for the community. Our section is well known for our outreach events, which include 3 very large-scale outreach events aimed towards introducing girls to engineering and science.

  • Designing Women – a one-day annual event where we bring in 100 middle school girls and hold engineering workshops and conduct a lab or company tour of the sponsoring facility 
  • WOW! That’s Engineering! – similar to Designing Women, WOW! is for high school girls and is held at San Jose State University, whom we run the event with the collegiate section. 
  • GetSET – our signature outreach event, this is a 4-year program where high school freshmen commit to a week-long stay-over summer camp for each year they are in high school. GetSET is composed of several workshops, engineering Olympics, company tours, and a graduation ceremony for the entering senior class.

Leadership Opportunities

Our officers are all SWE members and volunteer their time and efforts to run this organization smoothly and successfully. We elect our officers annually in June and these roles encompass many different aspects of our organization. For a description of our Execute Council as well as Committee Chair positions, please visit the About page.