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Committee Chairs

For more information about these roles, please read the Committee Chair Descriptions. If you may be interested in taking on one of the open positions, please contact swe.santaclaravalley [at] gmail {dot} com.

 Position  Name
 Fund Development Chairs  Sandra Chen: Supply Chain Operations, Menlo Park
 Laura Patel
 Scholarship Committee Chairs
 Ceal Craig: Researcher, San Jose
 Andrea Rios: Senior Mechanical Engr., Palo Alto
 Member Program Committee Chair  Position Open
 Communications Chair  Michele Leahy
 Webmaster  Ceal Craig
 Nominating Committee Chair  Leslie Telford (Chair), Jeannie David, Divya Sharma
 Tellers Committee  Position Open    
 Social Chairs
 Allison Wright & Jennifer Arellanes
 Mentoring Program Chair
 Sangeetha Ravichandran: Technical Prog. Mgr., Santa Clara

Outreach Positions

 Position  Name
 Outreach Program Mgr    
 Puja Gill

Get SET Positions

 Position  Name
 Program Director
 Jeannie David
 Curriculum Director  Lorie Laird
 Counselors Director  Minette Valdes
 Fund Development Chairman  Sandra Chen: Supply Chain Operations,   
 Menlo Park with Laura Patel
 Committee Members: Liz Vu & Pam Schulz
 Volunteer Chairman  Shalom Marquardt
 Logistics Chairman  Neta Retter
 Director of Student Recruitment & Registration  Pam Schulz
 Metrics & Reporting  Ceal Craig